Mischa Merz

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Mischa Merz began her amateur boxing career in 1998. In a dozen fights she contested three national championships in the Australian Amateur Boxing League, winning gold in Launceston in 2001. She last fought in Australia in 2002 but has boxed many exhibition bouts since then.

She resumed her fighting career in the United States in 2009, in the Master's Division of USA Boxing, winning five out of five fights including the National Women's Golden Gloves 138lb title, the Georgia Games championship and the Ringside World championship.

She remains active in the sport, training and sparring regularly. She has visited gyms around Australia and the US and trained with some of the key figures in the international women's boxing scene.

She has written extensively about her experiences in the sport in her book Bruising, first published by Picador in 2000 and now re-issued by Vulgar press with new updated material. Her latest book, 'The Sweetest Thing - A Boxer's Memoir' is now available.

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